Aconda is a large purple Serpentinite that greatly resembles Star Br.

Vital statistics
Title Former Leader of the Serpentinite
Human none
Kind of Snake none
Color Purple, black
Weapons Arcon, snake staff, venom, potions, swords, daggers, poison daggers
Location Shadow Hunter Planet
Status Alive

He was the original leader of Serpentinite Island. He, his relatives, and Arcon's family were the only Serpentinite born Strigals. His name is a play on "anaconda". He hates Cobrai for taking his position as leader. He has recently joined the Shadow Hunters.


Several years after Serpentinite were created on the Noobfork, then called Strigals, Aconda was created. Aconda was more powerful than any other Strigal, and wanted to rule them. He put harsh new rules on any Strigal, renaming them the Serpentinite. The Strigals banished Aconda on an island, giving Arcon to him for company. Aconda soon joined Liepos, who made him a new island. However Lonn Drages, a Galenian, gave Liepos the idea to make custom Snikes called Serpentinite. Aconda was angry with Drages for stealing his "serpentinite" name and having the idea to make more Strigals besides him and Arcon. Serpentinite were made, and soon powerful Cobrai took the lead, causing Aconda to retreat into the shadows of the Snake Hippo Caves.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

Aconda was spying on the Serpentinite throughout the Quest, deciding to attack the Good Shadows and snakes once the Shadows attacked. Aconda burst through the ground through the Arcon pits, causing Shadows and Serpentinite to run away. Aconda dissolved several with arcon, but accidentally destroyed a hand. Aconda yelled "this Strigal will have his revenge" and retreated back into the ground.

The Final BattleEdit

Aconda returns, this time with the Shadow Hunters, in the Final Battle. He kills many good people with his flaming shadow lightning, but Arcon, noticing the threat, decides to throw a dangerous potion at Aconda's head. Aconda fell to the ground with his head on fire, although several Shadow Hunters helped him up. He later reappears during Cobrai and Liepos's fight, throwing lightning at Cobrai. Liepos, however, told him to stop.

The Boal 24Edit

Aconda, surviving the final battle, is assigned to burn the Boal 24 by the Shadow Hunter leader, Kraikor. After doing so, Aconda attacks Cobrai, who was preparing to put out the flames. Aconda slices Cobrai with a butter sword, but Cobrai blasts Aconda into the fire. However, Aconda once again survived by climbing up the burning robot. Also Aconda steals the Korleen blades and Beris blades.

The Coming of AcondaEdit

Aconda, after escaping with the blades, creates a powerful evil snake army with the creation powers of the Korleen and Beris blades. The Evil inside Aconda turns into lava doing so, and with the help of Evil V'nom, Evil Boal, and Evil Arcgon's help defeats Larhien. Aconda then sends out Evil V'nom to defeat Cobrai.