Arcgon was a red Serpentinite, known for being the only tailed snake without a high position.

Vital statistics
Title Serpentinite Group Leader
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Two Lava Snakes.
Color Red
Weapons Staff, sword, daggers
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Deceased

He also has two heads, similar to Descales. He was originally known as the "unknown red snake with tail" before his official naming. His name is a combination of the word "arcon" and the element "argon".


Arcgon's history is mostly unknown, except for the fact that he was created with two Lava Snakes which inspired Liepos to get more Lava Snakes to make Descales. However, Arcgon was much more successful than Descales.

Ambush on Zerdrakk, Glibbo, and LhykkonEdit

Arcgon, along with Meltin and Dreem, were sent out by Cobrai to defeat Zerdrakk, Glibbo, and Lhykkon. Arcgon sends Meltin to take Glibbo, he against Lhykkon, and Dreem against Zerdrakk. Dreem was killed, Meltin injured, and Lhykkon defeated. Arcgon helped Meltin back to Cobrai with news of Dreem's death.

Quest for the Epic Snake StaffEdit

Arcgon was one of the many snakes sent on the quest to retrieve the Epic Snake Staff from the Arconic Caves in Clarack. He followed Indt's orders to remain quiet around the Islandzapper dragon guard, and was killed by Zerdrakk in the battle, along with Dreeme and Ralhah.