This page only covers Boal's adventures as a Serpentinite, not as a ghost.

Boal was a warrior of the Serpentinite. He lead a group containing Skales,

Vital statistics
Title Hero of the Serpentinite
Human Drakoal Mondragell
Kind of Snake Golden Vipero
Color Red, white, black
Weapons Axe, stick, staff, golden vipero
Location Portico, Serpentinite Island
Status Deceased

Draker, Lonn, and several others. Boal was one of the most famous warriors of the Serpentinite. Boal was also one of the first Serpentinite created. He resembled Teprile, and both were modeled after Strigals. His name was a play on the word "boa".


Boal was originally a human called Drakoal Mondragell and a Golden Vipero. When created as a Serpentinite, Boal was the first to have small bits of good inside his body, not just the evil blood flowing through others. Boal refused many of Cobrai's and Liepos's orders, and even stabbed Liepos one time. He was put in the Xycoves soon, but easily escaped using a stick found on the floor.

Battle for the Grimbuxss AlloeEdit

Although Boal was sent on the quest, he refused to fight the good squad sent out and fought Forketung. Boal was once again sent to the Xycoves, but once again escaped using the same strategy, as he had brought his stick with him.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

Boal reluctantly guards Keep Exin's cage, although starts the Baby Breakout by undoing Keep's lock with his stick. When the Good Shadows attack, a Random Warrior called Zergerre attempts to kill Boal, but is instead shadowblasted by Akor. Boal is known to have survived the battle.

Aelor's visit to Serpentinite IslandEdit

When Cobrai announced that the Serpentinite were becoming good, Boal ran up to the stage and helped out Cobrai, Pytholl, and V'nom in their speech. Boal and Basilao also set up fireworks in the evening, created by Basilao and Aelor.

The Final BattleEdit

Boal leads his group into battle against two Islandzappers, Merciless and Karhone. Boal's group manages to defeat Karhone, a young dragon, but Merciless claws them aside, horribly wounding Boal's head. Boal, however, helped his group up to fight and urged them on without him. It is known that Boal died from his wounds, but insisted to be turned back into Drakoal and his snake when they were still alive.