Boomslay is a green Serpentinite. He is known for his bad habit of spitting venom

Vital statistics
Title Serpentinite Footsoldier
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Boomslang
Color Dark green, light green
Weapons Poison spike, venom
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Alive

and is a Serpentinite footsoldier. He works with Constrictil and Slithe in Undula and Ratt'l's group. His name is a play on the snake species "boomslang".


Boomslay's history is mostly unknown, however it can be assumed his original snake was a boomslang. Also it is known he was twice hospitalized for his venom spitting, but there was nothing the doctors could do.

Battle for the Grimbuxss AlloeEdit

Boomslay was one of the Serpentinite sent out to guard the Grimbuxss Alloe. His venom-spitting gave several Serpentinite away while fighting Darkseed.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

Boomslay captured Strigalis Glyptus the baby and was assigned to guard Strigalis's cage. Twice he spit venom in Strigalis's face, but Strigalis managed to wipe it off. Boomslay also helped fight in the fight against the Good Shadows. He helped V'nom capture the main babies, although was knocked to the ground once they escaped.

Aelor's Visit to Serpentinite IslandEdit

Boomslay was part of the crowd of Serpentinite that Aelor the ghost, Pytholl, V'nom, and Cobrai turned good. During Cobrai's speech, Boomslay asked if he still got to spit poison. To this, Cobrai responded yes.

Zyglok QuestEdit

In between the events of the Visit and the Zyglok Quest, Boomslay's spitting had become a problem. Boomslay had started up a boat service and was given a set of tubes from Blaze the dragon to store his venom in and give it to Fangbitt. Boomslay transported Cobrai, Pytholl, and V'nom across the Islands Ocean to Akino, where he dropeed them off to find more customers.