Fangbitt is a gray Serpentinite Random Warrior. He is known for his arguing,

Vital statistics
Title Random Warrior of the Serpentinite
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Gray Python
Color Blue, light gray
Weapons Spear, snake staff, sword
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Alive

the main reason for his upgrade. He greatly resembles Slithe, and the two are sometimes seen together. It is known he does not like Vangs for unknown reasons.


Fangbitt's history is mostly unknown, but according to Cobrai Fangbitt and Slithe were made by Liepos by Gray Pythons. Also it is known his arguing is a bad habit he took from Descales.

Quest to Serpentinite IslandEdit

Fangbitt was one of the many snakes on Serpentinite Island. He was the one that captured Keep Exin and was later seen, along with Vipron, taking on Ciluse.

Aelor's Visit to Serpentinite IslandEdit

Fangbitt, Slithe, and Descales were the last Serpentinite to become good because of Cobrai's speech. Fangbitt mentioned to Dreeme and Constrictil that he seriously considered quitting. However, Fangbitt stayed in the army.

The Final BattleEdit

Fangbitt's only appearance in the Final Battle was when Alcyro and several other Galenians attacked a village in the Poison Mountains. Fangbitt took on Alcyro and, after a short battle, speared him and threw him into the Poison Sea. Fangbitt, it can be guessed, watches Cobrai and Liepos fight.