Indt is an orange Serpentinite, known for his art, paintwork, navigation skills,

Vital statistics
Title Random Warrior of the Serpentinite
Human Unknown, upgraded with Jena Autharl
Kind of Snake Unknown
Color Orange, dark gray
Weapons Spiked ball, dagger, venom, sword, snake staff
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Alive

and ability to fly. He is a Random Warrior in the Serpentinite Army. His top weapon is his spiked ball. His history is currently unknown.

Quest for the Epic Snake StaffEdit

Indt, along with V'nom and 23 others, went on the quest to find the Epic Snake Staff. Indt helped guide the snakes into the Arconic Caves on Clarack, but accidentally led them into a Galenian trap. After escaping and defeating several Galenians, Indt once again guides the snakes into the caves. When an Islandzapper dragon appeared, Indt told everybody to stay quiet and sneak past. Indt reappeared in the battle for the staff, twirling his spiked ball around his head and running in air, causing him to fly. He manages to grab the staff and throw it to V'nom, who dissolves all the Galenians but Zerdrakk. Indt is later seen discussing war plans with Pytholl.

The Final BattleEdit

Indt is first seen twirling his spiked ball and flying above the Good Army, kicking several Galenians including Alcyro. Zerdrakk shoots him with purple lightning and the bolt grazes his eye, causing his left eye to nearly go blind. Indt also beats Torin in battle before Pytholl kills the Galenian. Also Indt gives Meltin flight lessons.