Meltin is a blue Serpentinite. He has the same head as Pytholl. He is notable

Vital statistics
Title Master of Snakejitzu
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Unknown
Color Blue, yellow, gray
Weapons Snakejitzu, golden blade
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Deceased

for being the only Serpentinite that knows Snakejitzu. His history is unknown. His name is a play on the word "melting".

Ambush on Zerdrakk, Glibbo, and LhykkonEdit

Meltin, along with Dreem and Arcgon, was sent to defeat Zerdrakk, Glibbo, and Lhykkon. Meltin was assigned by Arcgon to take on Glibbo, but was injured and had to escape.

Quest for the Epic Snake StaffEdit

Meltin is one of the many snakes sent to retrieve the Epic Snake Staff. He is captured by Galenians, although several days later is found and freed by Vangs.

The Final BattleEdit

Meltin appears in the battle doing Snakejitzu, nearly killing several Galenians. It is known, however, that Meltin was given flight tutorials by Indt and was shot out of the sky by Liepos.