Vipron, the creator of Serpentinite, We Fight.

Serpentinite, We Fight is a war song invented by Vipron. It was considered to be the Serpentinite National Anthem, but Cobrai turned it down saying "it supports fighting a little too much." Vipron, the creator, agreed.


Serpentinite, we fight, against Liepos is war. Serpentinite, we fight, against Liepos is war.

Vipron's playing the flute, Cobrai's calling our names, Liepos is attacking, Indt to the army base. Ralhah is running, fast as he can. Pytholl and V'nom think running should be banned.

Serpentinite, we fight against Liepos is war. Serpentinite, we fight! Against Liepos is war.

After the war, us snakes must clean up. Skales's staff is laying on the ground. Teprile is slumped over on his house, and again Cobrai's calling our names. Serpentinite, we sometimes must fight, to protect our island, sometimes we must fight! Serpentinite, we don't like it but we must. Serpentinite, we fight!