Skales is a black Serpentinite. He has a similar head to V'nom,

Vital statistics
Title Snake Circus Leader
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Venomous snake
Color Black, orange, gray
Weapons Antistaff, spear, venom
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Alive

except with different colored horns. He is the founder of the Snake Circus and current leader. He is friends with Blaarhog, who he sometimes lets help him with the circus. His name is a play on the word "scales". He has a fear of Islandzappers, having bad encounters with two.

Quest for the Epic Snake StaffEdit

Skales was hired by V'nom to help him with his quest to find the Epic Snake Staff. As Skales was quite nervous, he yelled when the Islandzapper guard appeared and just barely got away. He also did a horrible job fighting Galenians, only managing to injure one. He was kicked by a Galenian onto the Staff, which found him an unworthy wielder and electrocuted him. Skales survived the battle.

The Final BattleEdit

Skales reluctantly agreed to fight in the Final Battle, and was helped out by Boal. Skales was seriously injured when Merciless the Islandzapper attacked Boal and his group, but Skales still survived.