Vangs is a minor Serpentinite. He resembles Indt. He has one of the five

Vital statistics
Title Communications Snake
Human Unknown
Kind of Snake Red Whitetail
Color Red, white, black
Weapons Spear, gray Korleen blade, Arcgon's staff.
Location Serpentinite Island
Status Alive

Gray Blades of Korleen, found in the Arcon pits. His name is a play on the word "fangs".


Much of Vangs's history is unknown, but it is known that after his creation he started a rivalry with Fangbitt on who could get to Random Warrior first. Fangbitt won, and Vangs was put as a permanent communications snake.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

Vangs had a minor role in the Quest, capturing Periodes Hydrogen. Vangs was knocked out by the Babies once they escaped, as he was on guard duty.

The Final BattleEdit

Vangs was part of the group ambushed by Merciless the Islandzapper. Boal helped him get up and put an Arcon potion on his clawed out eye. Vangs survived the battle.